90 Stanford Place - Woodland Park, CO 80863 

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Jr Woodland Players


For Info, call:

Teri McClintock

(719) 687-0859

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Previous Plays

Bonanza Valley!

The Oracles Mouth


The Splendid Voyage of Kitty Doyle

Tom Sawyer

The Wind in the Willows

Arabian Nights

Gaston Beaudreux - The Cajun Robinhood

Bugsy Malone Jr.

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Bugsy Malone Jr.

Giants and Teri McClintock

The Brave Little Tailor


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We are a non-profit 501C(3) organization

For more information:

Teri McClintock (719) 687-0859

Julie Williams (719) 687-8727

Jr. Woodland Players . 36 Ilini Drive . Woodland Park, CO 80863. (719) 687-0859 . www.jrwoodlandplayers.org